Print your Instagram and Facebook photos with ease

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I'm in love with this landing page! It really speaks to the product, which, also, is really neat. Good job, guys.
@alirtariq Thanks for the feedback! We put a lot of effort into the design and the photography so glad people like it :)
Cool product. Note to the founders: please don't send passwords as plain text in the confirmation email.
@mager Thanks for the feedback. Just to confirm we do not store passwords in plain text - this email is generated during registration. We've taken your advice onboard though and we'll remove these passwords from our registration emails :)
This is neat. Are there services that do this for more sizes/dimensions of prints, for photos that are not on IG?
@joshhyang Hi Josh, we also allow printing from Facebook on our website as well as uploading from your computer (coming VERY soon). You can also checkout our iPhone/iPad app if you wish to print photos direct from your iOS device :)