Real time radar for Pokemon GO



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Alex Marshall
Alex MarshallHunter@marsh931
PokeWhere is an app that shows the location and despawn time of Pokemon nearby so you can make sure you never miss out on catching rare Pokemon. It's very much the same as Pokevision that was on PH a few days ago but I've found that PokeWhere loads results much quicker
Daniel Vassilev
Daniel VassilevMaker@danvass · Make it now
Thanks for the hunt @marsh931 - we weren't quite expecting to be hunted yet! We are getting an overwhelming response from users and are working hard on new features!
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell · Services for startups
@danvass @marsh931 Awesome - what new features? What makes this different/better than the rest?
Daniel Vassilev
Daniel VassilevMaker@danvass · Make it now
@bentossell @marsh931 It's a long list as our users have a lot of requests and we're planning on getting through all of them. On the top of the list is bringing out filters, stats and a way for users to help support us with continued development (we'll have opt-in ads for those who choose to support us). I think a really important distinguishing factor has been that we are super active, there's only two of us but we go through every tweet, message, comment, review or whatever else comes our way. Right now on the Play Store our rating is 4.761 with 775 total reviews - which makes us feel very honoured as this is common feat! P.S. after finishing the last sentence it's now 796 reviews so will be interesting to see how it continues :) We are very humbled by the reaction and only wish to bring the best to our users.
Patrick Gabriel
Patrick Gabriel@manevolence · Web Designer/Developer
I definitely prefer this over pokevision, amazing job. It does seem to load a little quicker usually. Unfortunately though it doesn't seem to be working right now for me, though I know how finicky tools like this are.
Austin Guzman
Austin Guzman@guzapalooza
This app is great! Thank you. The description here mentions that the "app shows location and despawn time of Pokemon nearby". How do I get to the despawn time?
James Alexander
James Alexander@jamesasyd · I run an accelerator in Sydney 🌪
Number 2 in Japan, now over 1m users and growing fast 🎉