A tool to know your Pokemon's CP before it evolves

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Gr8t tool !
Update : They have launched the website international version : http://www.pokevolution.xyz .
Pokemon Go continue to be a huge success and an amazing game to play so my friend @vtbouvier and his friend @yvanromieu decided to build a tool to really improve the game experience. If you "wanna be the very best, Like no one ever was 🎤" you need this tool to know your Pokemon's CP before it evolves. Just choose your Pokemon is the list and then his actual CP. The tool will tell you when the CP needed to evolve. Currently, this tool is only in French 🇫🇷, if people are interesting, there will might be a english version in the future :) UPDATE : PokEvolution now has an international version http://www.pokevolution.xyz
Love the idea behind this! However it seems to always produce 1245 CP as the result, regardless of starting CP / Pokemon. :X
@jamielin_ I think they've fixed the issue
Looks like you built a pretty cool tool guys ! Will give it a try and give you some feedback.