Social network and chat app for Pokemon Go

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Hi Guys, We are a team of 2 developers who have worked hard to bridge down the communication gap between Pokemon Go trainers worldwide by developing this social network and chat app dedicated to the game. Within few days of launch, we have seen good traction with over 1200 users, 300 posts, 600 comments and even more likes and other activity. The app is currently available for Android and we are in the process of releasing it for iOS. App features: • Post updates of your Pokemon GO Journey. Like, Comment , View timelines and interact with other players. • View other Pokemon GO players around you on a map, browse their profiles and chat with them • Public and Team based chats now available. Chat with your teams and prepare strategies for Pokemon GO. • Multiple Privacy options such as location sharing enable/disable and block/mute chats to provide you the best possible experience Please try out the app and help us with your feedback. Do let us know what more features would you like to see in coming updates, how helpful do you find the app in enhancing your Pokemon GO experience. We are open to AMA's on reddit if you would like us to host one. Looking forward to responses. Thanks.