Wikipedia meets Pokemon GO

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Jonathan GoodwinPro@jonny_goodwin
This is no different than catchandevolve.com
Sabin TudorMaker@nyx
@jonny_goodwin No need to hate and spam bro :(
Jonathan GoodwinPro@jonny_goodwin
@nyx sorry, wasn't trying to be rude. It looks great I think it's just a repetitive submission and really is just a compilation of all the other tools that we've seen.
Nick Zieber@nzieber · Tech & Startups Community in Hong Kong
To me it's a different spin on Catch and Evolve. I really like the layout. More Pokemon goodness!
Sabin TudorMaker@nyx
Stay tuned: Level & Egg hatching rewards chart! Coming soon :)
Sabin TudorMaker@nyx
Trainers, checkout the new features: Egg & Level rewards! \o/