Pokémon Uranium

A Pokémon fan game for PC

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Ben Tossell@bentossell · newCo
Looks cool but given Niantic sending out Cease & Desist orders like fun coupons, is there legal issues with this?
Alex Simpson@alex_simpson
@bentossell Niantic have nothing to do with the Pokémon games themselves, it would be up to Nintendo and GameFreak. Needless to say, tonnes of fan-made pokémon ROMs exist (and are really quite good), the only difference there is that they are played through emulators. I haven't seen any high profile cases of these getting shut down, but making it playable on PC may be a step too far.
Ben Tossell@bentossell · newCo
@simoalx thanks for clearing it up! Shows how much I know haha
Zac Coffman-MagahaHunter@zaccoffman · Marketing Generalist 2 at PayPal
@bentossell @simoalx It would be open to a C&D from The Pokemon Company, however. So not too far off. Niantic (Ingress team) just powers the real world gaming part of Go.
Bas GrasmayerHiring@basgras · MUSIC x TECH x FUTURE
@simoalx @bentossell well, I guess there's your first high profile case now ;-)
Florin MuresanPro@florin_muresan · Squirrly, Starbox and ContentLook
I wonder if it's made with RPG Maker.. sure looks like it :-) I might have a GO at it
Safdar Sulthan Khan@safdarsulthan
Website is down (500 ISE). Here's the link to download https://mega.nz/#!6YdCSJ5Q!hkyWi...
Zac Coffman-MagahaHunter@zaccoffman · Marketing Generalist 2 at PayPal
And.... 👻