Pokémon Go Chat Bot

Chat-bot to help Pokémon trainers become Pokémon Masters

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Hello everyone, I made this chat bot from scratch on Node.js that helps Pokémon Trainers with Pokémon Go, it even has image recognition. It hit +1,000,000 messages within it's first week and +50,000 Pokémon screenshots analyzed. Right now it has already lots of features on it, I'm gonna tell a few: calculate Pokémon CPs when evolve, how to defeat a Pokémon in a gym, it has image recognition built-in so you can send a screenshot of your Pokémon and it'll tell you how good it is, it also can tell if your Pokémon moves are good or not, and lots of more features. I'm adding more and more day by day. (It had a Pokémon locator, but Niantic got mad) If you like it, give it a like and a share ❤️ https://fb.com/mypokemonbot Here's a link to a video of the bot working:
@cabada cool one! just wondering if you would/could create a widget for this bot so I could embed into my website?
@trielm I'm building a non-Facebook UI, and that would have an "embed-mode". I'll let you know when I have it done 👍
@cabada any update on this Carlos?
@trielm Work has got me exhausted, haven't had the time. But will do it eventually because I need a web-enabled interface for my bots. Sorry for being this slow right now, too many projects in my timeline 😶
@cabada It's alright, let me know when you expect to have it done :)