Pokemon Evolution Calculator

A simple tool to calculate a Pokemon's CP after it evolves

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@matsabrahamsen I haven't seen that site before and it hasn't been posted to ProductHunt. It is pretty similar, but I think that my metrics are more accurate. I took data from hundreds of evolutions and trainers.
@jonny_goodwin It'd be easy to find if you googled “pokemon go cp / evolution calculator” beforehand. And his data seems pretty extensive (https://www.reddit.com/r/TheSilp...), so I wouldn't give such a claim. When comparing the two tools with several Pokémon, I found PoGoToolKit more accurate. It also displays later evolutions, and has a nicer UI.
@matsabrahamsen I wasn't familiar that PoGoToolKit was around. Regardless, it had never been hunted. So I don't think there's a problem here. My product definitely will be improved though, thanks for your input.
@jonny_goodwin No problem at all. Competition is healthy. Good luck. :)
The accuracy seems a bit off to me. If there's a margin of error, you should provide a range as the result instead of a definite value.
@selamefekili This, or maybe an average and a standard deviation.
@selamefekili thanks for the suggestion, that's a good idea. I'll definitely work on getting this fixed
Zubat Starting CP: 213 Predicted CP: 671 Evolved CP: 691
@mobotan My 196 Weedle evolved into a 213 Kakuna, not a 229 one. This seems like one of the easier aspects of the game to reverse engineer.
@tim_vermeulen it's likely a range of modifiers. The formula probably looks something like Weedle's current cp times x (where x equals a random number between .1 and .16)
@hagnerd @tim_vermeulen it's similar to that. Each Pokemon has a random IV (individual value) which ranges from 0 to 15. So it depends on the IV how high the actual evolved CP points will be.
@phimema Do you have a source for that? I've never heard that before.
http://pogotoolkit.com/- this one is better since it gives you a range
@beckydu512 It's looking like pogotoolkit.com is down.
Another Pokémon Go Evolution Calculator: http://www.pokego.org/evolution-...