Get alerts when you're near Pokémon you're looking for


Angelo Francisco
@eightbitjoker · Mobile Developer, Scrambled Eggs
I suggest having Pokemon Nearby on top of Pokemon Alerts. It's hard to see what's nearby once you set up alerts for more than 10 Pokemon.
Justin Cauchon
@cauchon · Product Manager, CNET
Curious to hear how accurate you feel the data is?
Vinay Khosla
@vinay123 · Co-founder Zenyx.com. Builder. Investor.
Thanks! Now I get get more Pokemon than my son.
Evan Morris
@evancmorris · owner, Orange Consulting
Does this actually work? It hasn't worked for me once. Keeps saying the Pokemon go servers are down. Also, the way you do the in-app purchase for new scans doesn't explain at all that it's an in-app purchase. It feels extremely misleading to me. Especially charging for that when your service isn't working.
Vinay Khosla
@vinay123 · Co-founder Zenyx.com. Builder. Investor.
The app just told me I had 100+ Lepras' nearby. In map view they were all aligned to spell out SKIPLAGGED. What does it mean and why!???