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Adam Harms
Adam Harms@_lcky · Writer, Designer
The plural of pokemon is pokemon... Not pokemons! 😡
Patrick Ng
Patrick NgHunter@yatpingng · CTO, Threeplay
So far the prettiest pokemon go map
Veer Obhan
Veer Obhan@turboxide_ · High School Computer Science Student
@yatpingng I'm working on one that's going to look better and fix all the issues with some of these :D
Jacky Tsai
Jacky Tsai@jackytwh
Haha I had an idea around the same time he did! Good job for him to do it so quickly! Adore!
James Lane
James Lane@james_lane · UI Designer/Developer
Nearby is spelt 'neabry' in the 'notifications' screenshot. Just letting you know in case it's in the code, rather than the screenshot.