Are you a Pokemon fan? Can you guess all of them?

(Only desktop for the moment)
PokeGuess is a side project that helped learn javascript, is connected to the PokeAPI, big thanks to them for their great job.
It's a fun game based on the Pokemon show. Can you guess all the Pokemons?
All of them are from the first generation <3
I hope you like the game and have fun.
The 50% width on your image puts it above the input and makes it non editable. I think you should change it to 25%. Otherwise cool fun game!
@alariccalmette Same issue. But I would mantain 50% width (25% can be small to some screen sizes), and add a max-width parameter with 320px value for example. This way will only run in larger screens and fix the problem when needed: width: 50%; max-width: 320px;
@alariccalmette @davidmaillo Thanks for your feedback, I will try to improve it! :)
@davidmaillo Good point! I was testing on a really big screen!
Good game! I appreciate the game is only about the 1st generation of Pokemons (first 151). That is the good one and gives a lot of nostalgia. Even though is a little hard to remember their names so the difficulty comes high and drive me to these questions: 1. Why is the pokemon image blurred? I mean, it is hard enough to know the name and displaying the original image won't reveal nothing of the solution. 2. What about accepting part of the solution? I sometimes only remember the first part of the name or I get a similar word. I think that giving some hints or accepting partial-match answers as correct would be more friendly with difficulty. Keep up the good work! Hope you post many more projects here. :)
@davidmaillo The idea was making something similar to the pokemon show where they only showed the shadow, that is why it's blurry. But i guess that it can make the game more fun if i put some hints. Thanks!