Remove Pokemon from the internet

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After work I saw this tweet (https://twitter.com/mutlu82/stat...) and just had to make it. PokeGone was born! Now it's time to get some sort of sleep...
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I've just tried to load this page with the extension on, took me a minute to realise!
@jamie_farrelly You are a god. We're not worthy, we're not worthy!!!
So why not name it "PokemonGo Away"? lol
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@evanlws because it obviously doesn't have a ring to it..
I like PokeNo!
@evanlws this comment made me blow air out of my nose a little bit more forcefully
Gotta block 'em all .. PokeGone!
@adi_komari I like that, may add that to the Chrome store listing.
This should be called Pokémon No #missedopportunity
@mdavep True. I liked the sound of PokeGone though.