The social network for Pokemon Go

Hey everyone! When Pokemon Go released in early July, I was one of the crazies that was looking for a way to help players communicate and chat with each other. I quickly created a slack group for them to join and a few weeks later there were over 1500 members chatting and sharing about their Pokemon journeys. I knew there was an opportunity to build something real. A true social network for Pokemon Go. Trevor emailed me around this time and we quickly chatted over the phone and realized we had a common goal to create this. Trevor has the technical skills as a genius designer/developer and I had experience in marketing, strategy, user experience, and growth (hopefully). The result is Pokechat. Pokechat is a simple way to share, post, chat, and connect with Pokemon Go players! If you have any questions feel free to ask! Pika Pika.
@harv_79 Well played! I was looking into creating something like this as well, but looks like I don't need to spend that time and effort Kudos, fellas :-) Side note: Where are y'all based?
@mobilegreg Thanks Greg! I am based in Waterloo region in Ontario Canada and Trevor is Atlanta Georgia!
@harv_79 Such a small world. I'm in Atlanta too. :)