Find trainers to catch, train and walk for you on Pokemon Go

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Might be nice to donate credits for kids in hospitals to get rare pokemon they cannot get sitting in a hospital.
@paulmwatson Amazing idea, I will definitely work on it and try to find a way to do this with the ShareTribe features!
Hi Hunters! So, as a Pokemon Go player, I noticed that some people get the chance to see the rare pokemons poping up everyday near their location. For example, my girlfriend saw an Electabuzz pop up twice a day just 2 mins from her home. That’s why 3 days ago I came up with the idea of a peer-to-peer marketplace to connect people like my girlfriend with other people seeking for a particular pokemon that has always eluded them or has been difficult to find. I created a first draft only with a "pokemon catching" feature and shared it with some friends and based on the feedbacks, I added the "experience and kilometers farming" feature. Now, that’s how PokeBro’ was conceived. Pokebro is a peer-to-peer place to find the perfect trainer (your Bro’) to catch, train and walk for you on Pokemon Go. A Fiverr for Pokemon Go. I built it with ShareTribe for the first launch to validate the concept (or not). The service is amazing but it was pretty difficult to build the full experience I had in mind. But as a code-free maker, it was the best option I had. As you might have guessed, there is no other choice but to share your Pokemon Go login parameters with Trainers if you want to buy xp, km or pokemon catching. Currently I encourage users NOT TO use the platform if they use Gmail for their Pokemon Go account. It is only for Pokemon Trainer Club accounts and users should change their passwords before a transaction and after the delivery. The platform is currently in English and French. I’ll add more languages if it gets some traction. As a french guy, my english isn’t perfect. Ping me if you find (horrible) mistake(s). I would be happy to know what you think about PokeBro’. Also, don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you want help to become a Bro’. All feedbacks are welcome! Cheers.
Civilisation as we know it, has possibly peaked. ;-)
So you can now pay people to catch, train and walk Pokemon for you... lol
@nivo0o0 Insane world, isn't it? :)