Pokébot by Recast.AI

Your chatbot Pokédex on Messenger - created by Recast.AI

We are proud to present our bot, Pokébot! With the Pokémon Go craze, we dived back into the world of Pokémons and decided to make it a reality. Ash has his Pokédex around with him at all times to learn about Pokémons through his adventures. Now, you do too! Pokébot is a Messenger bot that understands and answers in natural language. He can get you many things: - info about a specific Pokémon, - stats about a specific Pokémon, - moves a Pokémon can learn, - info about a specific move, - resists and weaknesses of a Pokémon - random Pokémons of a specific type, - family tree of Pokémons and their evolutions. Built with the Recast.AI (https://recast.ai/) technology and PokeAPI (https://pokeapi.co/), he’s available 24/7 and is always learning! If you’re a developer and want to build a similar bot, check this A to Z tutorial: https://blog.recast.ai/nodejs-bo.... Coming on PH is getting a ton of feedbacks, and that’s exactly what we need, so don’t hesitate! Cheers Julien
Damn that's really useful!
@adssx Thanks, I was always spending so much time visiting websites to search all these informations. This time is over ;)