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Thanks for hunting @robjama. Hey all! Pokebot.ai was created using Ada (https://ada.support) our platform for building support bots that automate answers your customers' common questions. Try asking the Pokebot questions about how to play Pokemon Go, like: "What is a lure module?" "What is a master ball?" "What is Pidgey's max CP?" Because bots built using Ada are self-learning, over time, the Pokebot's answers will become more accurate. Our interface also makes it easy to see all the questions that have been asked that the Pokebot hasn't yet been trained to answer, so check in later in the day too to see an answer to your previous question if the bot wasn't able to respond. Looking forward to your feedback guys ✌️
cool. maybe now ill be able to challenge @davehariri
Enough with the Pokemon already... Come one people, stop creating monitization moments for this fad