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Just finished a new feature - Alerts when a Pokémon is nearby. Update will be available today or tomorrow! check it out on our twitter @poke_prism
Pokevision shows locations in real time pulled from the Pokemon Go API with also time left since they disappear, that's just a so much better user experience than this.
@fanahova We actually get our data the same way! We add value in other ways as well. We give you more control over the content (filters, and alerts when pokemon are nearby). We also show you historical sightings and analyze the pokemon go api data using machine learning to help predict where you might see a pokemon next.
Thanks for downloading guys! Spent last week building this and can’t wait to share! I’m adding push notifications so you can see which Pokemon are near you without having to open the app! Tweet at me for more feature suggestions @poke_prism
I've given up on the idea of making one of these now, the app store is flooded now. I had the idea such a long time ago, but I guess you can't learn Swift that quickly. Whatever congrats dude!
@turboxide_ Yeah, almost gave up too. I actually had this app made by last Tuesday - coded through 3 nights to implement it. But.. didn't get Apple approval until yesterday! Almost 9 days fighting with them! I do think this one has the smoothest UI and is most user friendly. I'm adding alerts so you can know if Pokemon are around you and a more advanced filter. Update is already pending approval, hopefully it doesn't get delayed.
How do you guys do this without API?