Poke Find

Simple, beautiful live radar for Pokémon GO

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Looks really good, could you provide some sort of mailing list to let us know when the iPhone app is available as until it's released it's not much worth to iPhone users. (Seems strange to advertise it as iPhone ready before it's available?)
looks great! is that another app that is using pokevision's data?
@lawrence__h Thanks! :) We are independent from Pokevision, we use our own servers
Hey guys, I was curious if anyone knew if these Pokemon finder apps, like Poke Find, that are using the images of Pokemon in their apps could get into legal trouble for copyright issues? Does anyone know information or had experience of a situation like this?
Sorry guys, the official Pokemon Training Club servers are down right now and we use them to make te app works. You can check the status here: http://ispokemongodownornot.com/
Looking forward to using the iOS app!