Design and deliver mobile onboarding, instantly

Pointzi is the only code-free way to deliver mobile walkthroughs and placed tips in Native Apps.

Just like LinkedIn, Google & Facebook you can deliver tips to activate users and increase feature usage without doing App releases or bothering developers.

Pointzi lets you target user segments & A/B tests for engagement uplift.

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9 Reviews5.0/5
Thanks for the hunt @duellsy! This is DJ from Pointzi and I’m loving what @stevenjoseph and the team has built here. There’s some great onboarding products on the web and we saw “placed” tips in Apps from FB, Google, LinkedIn - we thought ALL native mobile apps deserve code-free tips too! From a bunch of Apps we learned that getting product managers and designers to design/iterate onboarding frees up devs to work on features - win/win. Faster growth iterations and less meetings about fonts, graphics and segmentation. :) Use-cases are: first launch, new feature announcement, targeting under-used features, guiding users, getting recalcitrant users to complete a task - too many - It’s easier to just get in and play with it :) Thanks for checking us out - I'm here for feedback answering any questions.
Hey cool tool. How do you find your competition?
@shameel Hey mate - There is some great products for web tips/tours like Appcues, but not a lot of mobile placed tips competition as far as we know. I think insert.io did some.
Much needed product for most apps. Most expect you to work out 10 features in 30 seconds.
@liubinskas very true - we like a "Progressive Onboarding" approach thru the user's journey.
Congrats on the launch, @djinoz!
thanks @hijonathan!