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#4 Product of the DayAugust 14, 2017
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Hi Product Hunters! Pointy Papers maker here :) When I got a 4K monitor, I noticed a lack of high-res, abstract wallpapers around the web, so I decided to make some and host them for everybody to enjoy. The papers are completely free to be used for any personal or commercial purposes. You can modify, copy and distribute the papers as much as you want without asking for permission, and no attribution is required. I'm working on some more, so be sure to check back in the near future. I look forward to hearing your thoughts/suggestions and answering any questions!
@whitericewill Those wallpapers have same patterns and instead of making them one by one, making an algorithm which allows to people generate their own wallpapers would be better I think.
@ozgrozer This is definitely an intriguing idea. If the site ends up evolving into something like this in the future I'll be sure to send you a link and get your feedback.
@whitericewill @ozgrozer that would be pretty slick
These are beautiful @whitericewill! Thanks for making them free. The CC0 License just took my heart ❤️. Gonna use 'em in my next project.
@moinism Thank you! I love CC0 as well and hope we see more and more use of it in the future. If you ever want user feedback on your project just DM me on Twitter. I'd love to take a look :)
Nice work Will, I would load it onto my phone, if I knew how.
@tony_sargeant Thanks Tony! You can load it on your phone by going to pointypapers.com on your phone, scrolling down to the paper you like, double tapping the button labeled "Smartphone", then when the image loads save it to your phone. From there you go into your setting then change the wallpaper to the paper you just saved. Let me know if that worked
I have to say, I really like these. Time to change up my desktop wallpaper I think!
@theashtube I'm really glad you like them. Enjoy!
These are great, @Will! I found the same thing with retina displays when I went hunting for high quality (vector) wallpaper. What's more is the way you laid everything out on the website with different resolutions and check thumbs up after you download one. I know these are free, but honestly, this is something I would pay for, both for the images and the usability of downloading them with ease. Or maybe subscribe to if you keep releasing images on a regular basis. Just something to think about. =-)
@will Also, I know this is something that Dave Lee from Dave 2D would be very interested in: https://www.youtube.com/channel/...
@joshuapinter Thanks for the suggestions, and I'm glad you like the papers and the site layout (I'm learning ReactJS and this was my first site, so it means a lot that you enjoyed it). For now, I'm tweeting out any updates, so you can always follow me there. Also, I just reached out to Dave 2D so maybe we will see a Pointy Paper in a future video! Great idea!