Summarize websites into bullet points

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Hugh Jones
Hugh JonesMaker@hjonesr · Founder, Pelt
Hi Product Hunters, I am a sophomore in high school and I created Points when I was looking for a way to summarize my lengthy homework readings into a few key bullet points. Points uses a language-processing algorithm that I wrote to determine which sentences matter most on a given web page. In addition to this Web version, I have submitted a major update for Points for iOS to Apple which is currently awaiting approval. I would be happy to answer any questions and any feedback would be much appreciated!
David Turner
David Turner@dturneresq · RSA Fellow
Looks awesome!
John Strumbos
John Strumbos@deleted-126430 · Founder & CIO at Buysydr
Reminds me of Summly. How do you ensure you are capturing the most important points?
Hugh Jones
Hugh JonesMaker@hjonesr · Founder, Pelt
@johnstrumbos I wrote an algorithm that performs a wide range of operations on a given text such as keyword analysis, sentence structure analysis and word complexity analysis, among quite a few others, in order to determine which sentences mean more than others. This works well with most standard news articles but gets more caught up in longer narratives or opinion pieces (I am currently working on adjusting the algorithm to accommodate for longer narratives/opinion pieces).
Jack Smith
Jack Smith@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
It doesn't work for me. I entered some domains on the web, but nothing happens. e.g. it takes me to this url: http://pointsapp.co/index.php?ur... but doesn't show anything
Hugh Jones
Hugh JonesMaker@hjonesr · Founder, Pelt
@_jacksmith I apologize— I just fixed a bug that prevented you from being notified that the website you are trying to summarize is unable for summarization. As for the reason for the error: you had mistyped a space before the URL. Here's the summary you would see: http://pointsapp.co/index.php?ur... I should also point out that the app summarizes content-centric pages (such as news articles) first and foremost and can also be applied to some alternative types of websites, however it's not really designed for general domains (like http://facebook.com and the one you tried to summarize). I'm sorry that this was not made clear. Some example URLs to try summarizing: http://time.com/3825163/google-h... http://techcrunch.com/2015/04/13... Additionally, this summary was generated from one of the posts on the Vungle blog: http://pointsapp.co/index.php?ur... Those are just a few examples— hope this helps!