A CircleCI Chrome extension

Pointless is an extension that enhances your browsing experience for projects you build with CircleCI.

For example, you can see the build status and follow/unfollow a project right from its GitHub page. Without having to visit the CircleCI website. You can even search CircleCI Docs from Google Chrome's address bar.

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Ricardo N FelicianoMaker@felicianotech · CircleCI Developer Advocate, US Navy Vet
Hey everyone, I'm a Developer Evangelist over at CircleCI and so I use CircleCI A LOT. Whether I'm working on a personal project (like this), researching for a blog posts or meetup, or helping customers with their builds, I go back-and-forth between GitHub, CircleCI (the app), and CircleCI Docs a bunch. I created this Chrome Extension to ease that burden a bit. I'm on GitHub most of the time anyway so why not make it easier to do CircleCI things from the GitHub website, right? Current features are build status/link support, and follow/unfollow support for a project's GitHub repo page, and searching CircleCI Docs from the Chrome's Omnibox (the address bar). Search will be expanded to include searching projects as well in a update coming soon. The project is open-source on GitHub so please feel free to let me know what features would be worth adding to make your experience better. With enough votes, I'll add Bitbucket support too since CircleCI itself supports Bitbucket.
Doug C. Hardester@r3volution11 · Front End Designer and Developer
This looks great. For me, Bitbucket support is integral however. Hope it gets enough votes!
Ricardo N FelicianoMaker@felicianotech · CircleCI Developer Advocate, US Navy Vet
@r3volution11 I hear you. I opened an Issue/Feature Request for Bitbucket. Feel free to +1. https://github.com/felicianotech... Thank you for the kind words.