A reading club for developers

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Hey! I started Pointer, the idea is to build a community of thoughtful engineers who read, write, live, and love code. Would love to get feedback and answer any questions. You can find out more on our purpose page - www.pointer.io/purpose or just msg me!
This looks right up my alley, and I'm looking forward to the first newsletter. Thoughtful writing, à la Joel Spolsky and John Gruber, can have such a powerful impact on the way I think about technology and startups.
Nice looks like something @kartar would love.
A new email newsletter and curated community of strong technical writers from the @lererhippeau team. From their FAQ: "There are some really talented writer/developers out there, and great technical writing deserves airtime in front of the right audience. It shouldn't be bundled with general tech news or lie buried in the depths of Tumblr."
I get `Internal Server Error` when I want to sign up