Awesome link sharing/commenting with friends.



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Jonathon Triest — Ludlow Ventures
This is slick. Being able to share content so quickly is awesome. Been using it with co-workers... "Point it to me" has replaced "email it to me". Also love the highlight text feature... hopefully this can reduce the strain on my email inbox!
Eddie Wharton — Data Scientist, Dinner Lab
@jtriest wow. An actually awesome product that hits one of my best use cases for the internet.

Great product @Shwinnabego. Great hunt @jtriest.
jason — ceo, writer, event host & angel
it's like a real-time delicious... I like it.

I really wanted to do something like this with annotated.com (or third voice type service). I just haven't had the time given Inside.com and angel investing!
Paisano — Applanta
@jason um...inside.com could do something like this too. Inside scoops from inside websites via your bookmarklet.
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