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Hey PH! Bringing point to the iPhone has presented some interesting challenges we’d love your feedback on. For one, getting people to use Point from the apps they use (Safari, Twitter, NYT) has presented an education challenge. Secondly, figuring out how to adapt the conversation/webpage split from point desktop to smaller screens has been an interesting design challenge. We’ve also released some great updates to the desktop extension since our last time on Product Hunt: the ability to search through points, email integration so you can point @emails who aren’t on Point, and some other impactful improvements. Excited to hear from you!
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I've said this before, but Point is by far the most awesome thing I've found in the history of Product Hunt. Ever since I've found it I've been using it every day and I'm a big big fan! Now @shwinnabego & co are launching Point for iOS and make it even easier to share and discuss links with your friends! Wohooo!
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@bramk agreed - Point is by far the most handy tool I've discovered on PH (along with Pablo by Buffer). Also - slickest UI and onboarding experience in recent memory. Solid app all around.
I've been using this for the past couple weeks and it's completely changed how I share links with friends. It's definitely the fastest, easiest, most convenient way to start a conversation with one or more people on the piece of content to find online. @shwinnabego and team really put a lot of thought into the app, which comes through in the onboarding, commenting, and sharing workflow. Definitely worth the download if you haven't already!
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@zmh thanks Zach! appreciate that and all the feedback :)
Been playing with the beta for a while now. @shwinnabego is one of the more thoughtful, young product guys I've come across, and it definitely shows in what the team and he have put out so far.
I've been using Point since it first popped up on Product Hunt, and my biggest complaints were that it was difficult to share annotations with friends who didn't have an account, and that it wasn't available on mobile. With this update, both of those requests have been fulfilled and it's super smooth to share articles through Point, perhaps better than any other available options. I need to mention that highlighting on mobile is incredibly tedious in general. Somehow this app figured out how to make it easy and enjoyable. I think the differentiator is that users are more likely to share a paragraph or a sentence rather than an individual word or even a segment of word, and that's reflected in their mobile highlighting functionality. Keep up the great work @shwinnabego and team!
@mrdrozdov thanks a lot Andrew! Your feedback has been super helpful :)