Awesome link sharing/commenting with friends.

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This is slick. Being able to share content so quickly is awesome. Been using it with co-workers... "Point it to me" has replaced "email it to me". Also love the highlight text feature... hopefully this can reduce the strain on my email inbox!
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@jtriest wow. An actually awesome product that hits one of my best use cases for the internet. Great product @Shwinnabego. Great hunt @jtriest.
it's like a real-time delicious... I like it. I really wanted to do something like this with annotated.com (or third voice type service). I just haven't had the time given Inside.com and angel investing!
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@jason um...inside.com could do something like this too. Inside scoops from inside websites via your bookmarklet.
Hey PH! I'm one of the guys working on Point. For the curious, we started building Point to solve one of our personal frustrations -- we were constantly sharing links throughout the day with our friends (mostly via email + group threads), and wanted a simpler, more effective way to do this. What we've designed (so far) is a plugin for your browser that gives you a quick way to privately share & discuss directly from the page you're on. We're still in our early stages and in beta, but would love to hear what you all think about it!
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@Shwinnabego what lessons are you guys taking from how Delicious did? agree with @jtriest that it's pretty ;)
@eriktorenberg haha thanks Erik! Without mentioning Delicious specifically (I think it was an awesome platform) -- one thing we've been careful to do is keep the product core to a single use case: here, privately sharing & talking about links with your friends. It's a behavior that we already do with pretty heavy frequency (think of how often you might email or chat links to a close group of friends), and we're just trying to deliver a bit more speed and simplicity here. There's a danger in overcomplicating a platform or service, so we're constantly working to keep our marketing, messaging and core product interactions simple and focused.
@Shwinnabego This is great, we've started using Point today for link sharing and will continue to use it - easier than pasting links into a Slack room and the in context discussion and highlighting brings a lot of value. Thanks!
@bswen awesome! super excited to hear that!
@Shwinnabego Hey Ashwinn, our last product was something VERY close to Point ;) www.discobeta.com if you want to see. If you ever want to chat, feel free to reach out. Our trigger is press and hold of the mouse, we still use it internally as the pain is real for close friends/teams!
i love the tutorial... i love chrome extensions... i love bookmarking. lots to love here.
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@jason not sure the last time I remember an onboarding for this type of product being so great
@jason lots to learn here
Sorry to be negative nancy, but I do want to warn you: any startup whose core premise requires an extension is usually doomed to failure, because it is SO HARD to get regular people to understand extensions, much less install them and use them on a regular basis. It's a beautiful product, but seriously move quickly away from a Chrome extension as quickly as possible. I have only seen heartbreak, pain, depression and vodka when it comes to extension-based startups.
@benparr definitely! Probably one of our biggest challenges. Thankfully plugins are becoming a bit more commonplace, and the success of them depend on how easily you can get people to understand the app through marketing, onboarding, ongoing explanation, etc. which we are constantly working on. That said, there is exciting stuff in the works for Point that extends beyond the browser!
@benparr great point and absolutely valid. Someone asked me the other day if I could name one mainstream, largely successful browser extension-based startup. I couldn't. Early adopters and techies will happily install it but it's hard to bridge that gap. I think I know your answer, but can you share your plans, @Shwinnabego? :)
@rrhoover @benparr To that first point, yup. Even if you look at the most installed extensions you probably see 5-10m installs..but nothing that is massive that exists solely as a browser extension. @rrhoover -- we want to make sharing and having discussions around web content with your friends as simple as possible. If we look at the problems in content browsing, sharing, and then conversation, it's even more apparent on mobile devices (lots of app switching, not easy or quick). We're onto some interesting things here, and are on the look out for some people to come join us :)
@benparr Can do what Buffer did and create an OSX menu bar app.
@Shwinnabego @rrhoover @benparr Ben makes a great point and I agree... BUT iOS8 extensions has a chance to change this. It lets Point access a new market and I see users adopting extensions in the form of apps. ie- install the app to get the extension. This is really neat and well done.