In-event seat upgrades

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We have made many improvements since last season and now: 1) upgrades are available 1 hour before the game starts 2) time discounts reduce the upgrade price as the game progresses + fans get credited for their original ticket. Adam- thanks for the comment and getting together with us to talk product recently, all feedback is appreciated! All- Please feel free to use promo code DubFriends to try an upgrade out on us at your next Warriors game.
Tried this out last season at a Warriors game and was extremely disappointed. Half the game had passed before any seat upgrades became available - and given that only half the game was left, the prices they offered were not attractive at all.
@Cuskelly yeah, really enjoyed the meeting - you guys are doing a good job trying to overcome some tough challenges. Still love the concept - think that's what led to my initial frustration - had such high hopes :)