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Hey Product Hunt, I’m the co-founder of You Enjoy My Stickers, and this is Poetry Stickers. We’re really excited to bring Poetry Stickers to Product Hunt. Everyone loves those refrigerator magnets, and with this iMessage app you can add reactions, write poems, and create all sorts of fun images collaboratively. Because I love it when other founders give special offers to Product Hunters, we’re doing the same thing and giving away Poetry Stickers for free on the App Store for the next two days. :D We came up with the idea for this company the day iOS 10 came out. It actually took me a bit to understand how to make stickers in iMessage fun, but it didn’t take long. My co-founder and designer, Joe, started sending me collages of multiple stickers laid on top of gifs and pictures. I’m pretty sure the first one he made was of a cat shooting laser eyes on top of a drawing of a cat tree he made. And then it clicked. You Enjoy My Stickers is set up to be a collaborative sticker design business. Our goal is to crowdsource ideas for stickers people want to see, and even have our community vote on which theme we should make. One idea we’re considering for a new sticker pack is of icons representing a specific city, but we’d put 4 or 5 cities (e.g. Seattle, San Francisco, New York, London, Chicago) to the community vote and make stickers for the one the community wants most. We just want to make stickers that people enjoy. We’re open to ideas if you have any suggestions for making this a more fun experience for everyone involved! If you have any suggestions, chat us on Facebook or email us at hello@yemstickers.com. And be sure to get on our email list at http://yemstickers.com/sign-up/ so you can participate in this crowdsourcing adventure!
Nice work, Paul!
Great sticker pack! I just bought it & know some friends who will think it's fun, too. It would be cool if there was a couple of 'jumbo images' of fridge doors or magnetic boards included as stickers also so you could use a canvas to make a quick magnetic poetry message if you don't have an appropriate image handy in your camera roll. Good luck in the iMessage App Store.