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Poet is an interactive environment where you can mock quickly your ideas and explain them to others.

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Here is a 5 mins video of what Poet does
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I had some trouble understanding what the product does in the beginning. You can mock ideas, create stories from these mocks. Took me some time to realize it's a combination of JSFiddle and Medium. Initially, I thought that you need to write code _in order to_ make the story. So basically I thought it's a more complex way of writing stories about code. Then I realized you can just use it as a sandbox. It has pretty mindblowing functionality with the commits and stuff and seems pretty useful in general. Bookmarked. I think the presentation should be a bit clearer. As far as I see, it's a mix between JSFiddle and Medium, and the name Poet + talking almost everywhere about stories kind of implies that it's more of a Medium type of app. The JSFiddle part appeals more to me, personally. The stories part is powerful too, though, no doubt. By the way, can I use it to do stuff with Vue and Vue Single File Components?
@dodooov Yep, go here https://poet.codes/new and click on the Vue button. You can basically use whatever is available as UMD build.
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As a tutorial writer, this blows my mind. Make it embeddable (i.e. JS addon to turn any blog post into a story) and I'll pay anything for a subscription.