Poems + Writings BANNED From Genius

A collection of content banned on Genius.com, by Mahbod

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This book is the collection of all of my writings that I had annotated on Genius.com - but now I'm banned from Genius.com so they are not there anymore. The writings are in the book - but the annotations are lost FOREVER! I didn't put any footnotes - if you want to know what stuff means you just gotta tweet @ me and ask me dawg.
Avi ♥ Avi = nuff said. buy this.
i'm gonna interview @mahbodmoghadam for the podcast next week. what should i ask him?
@eriktorenberg Ask him how much he can bench press
@eriktorenberg Ask him to freestyle
COMMENT ON MY SHIT!!! WHY AREN'T YOU GUYS COMMENTING??!? ask me dirty questions!!! ps if you wanna be ANONYMOUS you can ask me on my askfm: http://ask.fm/MahbodMoghadam
I bought 100 copies of this, and I plan to read them all.