Software localization management platform

POEditor is a highly scalable localization management service designed for translating software products, such as apps, sites and games.

Integrated with GitHub, it syncs with your repos automatically. You don't ever need to touch a language file.

Slack and HipChat integrations make it easy to get realtime updates about the localization process and the translation progress.

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Hello, all. To celebrate our time in the spotlight, here's a treat from us. We are giving away discounts to everyone who creates a POEditor account following this link: https://poeditor.com/?welcome=Pr... 10% off all the available plans. The offer expires in 3 days, so don't be shy, grab it while it's hot!
Founder & CEO, Hustle Crew
Thanks for hunting @dnlhtz and hello @mihaimk could you please tell us more about why you decided to build POEditor?
Thanks @dnlhtz Hi @abadesi We decided to build POEditor about 6 years ago because we needed a solution to manage the translation of some other software that we built. Since we couldn't find anything to fit our needs, we decided to go DIY and make our own tool. As the domain name makes obvious, POEditor was designed initially to manage Gettext localization files. In time, we realized there was a lot of space for growth, so here we are today, a full-fledged translation and localization management platform, supporting many more file formats and with much richer functionality.
Göran SvenssonCo-founder Appernetic.io
Just what I'm looking for!
Their support was very bad >:(
Hello, @bangladesh We are very surprised by your comment and would like to learn more about your experience. If you could offer more details about your case at info@poeditor.com we would be happy to investigate.