Podcast reviews and rankings made easy

Podstatus is a tool for podcasters to read reviews and check rankings around the world.
👋 Hi Product Hunt! I am excited to show you my first subscription product, a web to help podcasters check all reviews and rankings of their podcasts. Some initial features are: ✅ Reviews for every country ✅ Daily rankings where you can see all categories and countries where your podcast is ranked ✅ Reports to see the evolution of the rankings ✅ Sharing reviews with a link or via image for social networks ✅ Daily e-mail with all this information We are in a last round of adjustments before start charging for the service, at the moment the registration is open to everyone and is free. I can't wait to hear your feedback! Made with ❤️ from Spain
@carlostenor Looks interesting! Just a heads up I got a 403 error message when I tried to validate my email address (from the email sent to my inbox).
Sounds interesting!
@vinzenz_preiss Great to hear that, thank you!
Love the ability to generate social assets of reviews to share across platforms 🙌
@lachlankirkwood Thanks! This feature is widely used by our users.