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Hi everyone! For the last 2+ years RadioPublic has been building a set of tools for podcasters to reach new listeners, engage their fans, and build their business. We’ve learned a lot about the marketing gap for podcasting on the web, from the widespread adoption of our universal embed players, the performance of our web landing pages, as well as tons of insights from our marketing attribution support. We know a lot about how new listeners discover podcasts and become loyal listeners, and we want to equip all podcasters with better ways to grow. Today we’re launching a major new piece of the puzzle: Podsites™ are podcast websites designed from the ground up for podcasters. They are fast, beautiful, and responsive, and importantly, easy to launch and manage. We see lots of missed opportunities and wasted resources going into other website builder solutions that just aren’t designed for podcast marketing and growth. You don’t have time for that! Also, Podsites are part of a bigger strategic imperative for podcasters: creators should own their work, own their domain, own their feeds, and encourage new listeners to start at their website, not with an app (even RadioPublic!). A few key things to highlight: - Podsites are compatible with all hosting solutions - You get a custom podcast domain or we can help you port your existing one. - Your Podsite automatically updates as you publish new episodes - no need to wrangle an additional post on your website, too. - Podsites have a persistent audio player, and ties into your Google Analytics to track traffic and audio play events. Here are some examples of Podsites already up and running from our private beta: https://iconographypodcast.com/ https://www.other5billion.com/ https://collegesportshour.com/ We are excited to have podcasters of all shapes and sizes check out Podsites, and we are already hard at work adding the next set of improvements and features based on early feedback. Enjoy!

Glad I waited a while to find a podcast website provider. Starting from scratch in Wordpress seemed too much hassle. Luckily the Podsite came along while I was dithering about what to do. The RadioPublic team onboarded the other5billion podcast as one of the first examples and I'm delighted to have chosen this option. Already, my Podsite feels "complete" to look at and more features are coming soon that will help with marketing, understanding listeners and building a podcast brand.


Pretty on any device. Massive time saver. I really like the episode highlights feature.


Many more features to come. I'm particularly looking forward to publishing articles alongside podcast episodes.

Impressive! I can see this as being a very attractive solution for podcasters who don't want to have to deal with all the work that goes into maintaining a wordpress site.
@jonbstrong Thanks! Yeah, we heard time and again during our conversations with podcasters the frustration they had with tools like Squarespace, Wix and other products that just aren't designed for the needs of podcasters. A common phrase we heard over and over was roughly like "I do all this work to get my podcast published, then I have to basically do the same thing on my website. Can you help?"
These sites look great! And I think it will be a huge improvement for podcasters moving from a WP site that wasn't built for a podcast. How long do they take to set up? How much do they cost?
@albanbrooke Hey Alban! You pick some colors, add some listener reviews, pick featured episodes and then we can get them setup in just a few minutes. Once that's done, it's just a matter of configuring your free domain or transferring an existing one. A Podsite is $12/month if you're paying yearly or $15/month if monthly.
@neocmatt That's pretty reasonable. There's definitely a need out there for simple but customizable podcast websites.
This looks really sweet! @neocmatt I wonder if there will be any support for multiple shows in one theme? I have more than one and if there is any flexibility to show them under one page like a network would be amazing. Thanks for all your effort. Once my actual hosting plan will end, I will switch it to your plan.
Howdy! @aykut_ibrisim yeah, networks are definitely on our radar. Would love to learn more. You can get in touch with me at matt@radiopublic.com
@radiopublic @neocmatt Thank you so much for your reply. I will get in touch with you via email.