A Messenger bot for podcast recommendations

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Hey there! My name is Matt, and I love podcasts. I love podcasts so much, that they're most of what I talk about these days. I'm also very interesting in bots, and after Facebook announced the Messenger platform, I had to build one. This is actually built on top of two other hunts: Smooch and Estherbot. They made this really just a fun project and super cool to build. So go check it out! Let me know if you find any great podcasts. I'm regularly updating the list, so if you don't find something this time, come back another day.
@mattahorton Nice! I actually did a 'Request For Bot' for a podcast recommendation bot :)
I like the pizzazz and the humor in the chat bot. Nice work! You have inspired me to make a bot! The best part about this bot is typing "HIT ME" to get a podcast, it's so comical. I love it! Also I have a bit of feedback. Add a 'list podcasts' command so that users can see the list of podcasts that are included in the bot.
@_guled_ I appreciate the feedback!
Good stuff! Perhaps a future feature idea: Allow the user to type in a podcast (like RadioLab) and allow the bot to give recommendations on one's that are similar; i.e. not specific episodes, but podcast programs with similar themes.
@taylorbarr that's definitely something I want to do!
Good idea... I got an error message when I tried to download it.
@brendanbeirne you shouldn't need to download anything. Try m.me/podrec