Podo Camera

A wireless camera you can stick on any surface 📷

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Hi PH community, Podo had successful Kickstarter last year with its V1 - thank you for your support. Now its time to introduce our updated version. Below is what's updated! 1. BRAND NEW SENSORS! FOV of 90 degrees & pixels on our new sensor (2.2 μm) are 50% bigger than those in the iPhone 6s (1.5 μm) and the Galaxy S7 (1.4 μm)! Bigger pixels = better photo 2. Dual-mode Bluetooth Connectivity (BLE & BT classic) Bluetooth LE keeps Podo paired with your phone, so using Podo is literally as easy as opening our app. Then, Podo switches to BluetoothClassic so your phone can display what Podo sees in real-time. 3. Multi Podo connectivity (up to 6 Podo) - imagine what you can do with 6 podo at once! cool 360 degrees image/video, multiple angle time lapse/photo booth and so much more! 4. Best of all, offering to Kickstarter for $49 for a limited time - we have limited quantity of $39 early bird rewards that will ship to your door by Christmas :) Please feel free to email me directly at jchoi@podolabs.com if you have any questions Thanks all!
How does it stick?
@shimmb Podo has micro adhesive pad that allows you to stick anywhere. With care and cleaning (just wash with water) the pad should last indefinitely. If for any reason the pad loses its grip within 6 months, we'll replace it for free.
The team at Podo Labs is launching a pre-sale for their next-gen Podo. Create a pop-up photo booth anywhere! Moar selfie angles! cc/ @jchoipersonal, maybe you can tell the PH community what's new.
Very cool!
@nivo0o0 thank you!
Wow, this is really rad!
@jchoipersonal Could this be used for live streaming and video calls?
@mynk_k unfortunately we do not have integration with live streaming/video calls yet. but we will support this integration/feature in the near future!