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There are so many podcast apps. What makes Podly different?
@dustinlocke unlike most other podcast apps Podly isn't a single player experience. It offers an activity feed of who's listening to what - and I can browse other people's profiles to see what shows/episodes they've enjoyed. This helps a ton with discovery (assuming there's people you know with taste you trust).
@san_picciarelli I said most, not all 😄 also not a huge fan of how tung offers similar features. Neither app is perfect, but for now I prefer Podly.
Just wanted to let the makers know that Podly (spelled "Podły") means despicable/mean in Polish ;-)
Totally useful product!
No Android love? 83% of smartphones and counting.
@jeremydrysdale the high end market is much lower on Android. Factor out the cheap phones, leaves with much less.
@charles_cooper1 I take your point, although don't Samsung outsell Apple by two to one?
@charles_cooper1 @jeremydrysdale why does that mean Android shouldn't have apps? This one is not, paid, so that rule doesn't matter.
@mattahorton @charles_cooper1 I apologise for not being clear - I was wondering why this wasn't available for Android. They should have apps, because they control the market. Is that clearer?
@jeremydrysdale @charles_cooper1 I was responding to Charles. :D