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Make it easy for your listeners to subscribe, support, and share your show. It’s free to start, no credit card required.
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Happy International Podcast day! 🎙 Before I built Podfan I thought, in a sea of podcast hosting options, why don't podcasters have any alternatives to Patreon? Not only that, but the pricing of Patreon has become complex. Pricing on other private feed tools isn't even posted. With Podfan, you pay 1 low flat rate per member per month, and you get your page instantly, no credit card required. It's mobile-friendly, with a built-in player, and you can customize it with podcast player links, host profiles and pin your favorite episode. You can keep your members engaged by posting updates and offering a member-only feed, while offering multiple membership tiers at any price you choose. Podfan makes it super easy for members to subscribe to their private feed, and provides detailed download stats. I've worked hard to make it a fun and easy experience setting up your Podfan page, and I hope podcasters enjoy it!
@inorganik Hi Jamie! Podfan looks great :) How about an interview about it at StartupRadius? PM paul(AT)startupradius.com if interested.
I like the business model. Congratulations on launching!
Whoop whoop!
I really like the "We make money when you make money, business model".
Is it Patreon for Podcast?
@shun_yamada You could say that, but it is purpose-built for podcasts and has a simplified pricing model.