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#4 Product of the DayNovember 29, 2019
Podcorn is a marketplace that connects brands and podcasts for native sponsorships. We take the pain out of finding and sponsoring on-demand audio shows and empower podcasters to monetize their voices and passions in a way that is engaging for listeners.
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Hey David! You guys are the previous founders of famebit right? Congrats on the 2M round few months ago, and i hope the google exit was lucrative and heartwarming for you. I wanted go ask, what are the key difference between this product and famebit besides the "influencers" platform of choice. Do you have a new thesis on how these kindof sponsorships work? To be honest, i would argue Google hasnt done a good job of turning famebit into a great global product. Some evidence for this would be for example that Google themselves (according to my friends there in influencer marketing) dont use the product. Mostly curious, whats your future vision for podcorn & what has changed about your thesis since exiting famebit?
@avery_schrader Looks great! Just signed up. Are all the publishers on onboarded to your platform or do you reach out after a request to the platform is made?
@avery_schrader Thank you for your note. Since podcasting is a different medium than video, we built the platform specifically to serve the podcast/audio eco-system from how we think about how podcasters send proposals, to the sponsorship graphs we are building for better matching, to the calendar centric approach we are taking around booking ad slots within audio/podcast shows, and much more. As for Google, my co-founder and I left Google about two years ago. I will certainly say that FameBit has been a big initiative for YouTube and provided a lot of monetization for their creators who weren't able to earn enough income through AdSense alone.  With Podcorn, our thesis is similar in that we are striving to solve a big monetization gap in the space - presently 85% of podcasters don't monetize and there's a huge opportunity to change that given the podcasting space is a lot more fragmented than video was/is. We also see podcasting as the next big creative medium that takes authenticity and intimacy to even a higher level than other mediums so we have a big vision to change how everyone thinks about branded content within podcasts.  As with video, our thesis is that native is the future of podcast advertising and that brands will get more value in working with the right podcasters within their niche and being part of the actual content vs. doing traditional radio-style (randomly inserted) ads.
@frantzlight Awesome, thank you! All podcasters who send brands proposals are onboarded on the Podcorn marketplace.
Hey Product Hunt community, Dave here from Podcorn. We created Podcorn to help brands with awesome products connect with amazing podcasters for Native Sponsorships such as Host-Read Ads, Interview Segments, Topical Discussions, and more. Podcasting is one of the most imaginative and engaging forms of storytelling, and we believe that podcast sponsorships should be the same - a means for brands to break through the noise and connect with listeners on a more intimate level by being part of the story. Podcorn leverages technology to take the pain out of finding and sponsoring the most relevant podcasts. It’s always free to post a campaign and we know you’ll love it when you see how easy it is! Once you create a campaign, our sponsorship graph will match you with the best suited podcasters. We’re here to help you get started. Hope to see you on Podcorn :)
@david_kierzkowski just signed up as a sponsor. You should let sponsors browse podcasts that are on the platform. We'd only be interested in a particular niche (data science) and knowing there's at least a couple signed up in that space would solidify our interest.
@mike_seekwell Thanks for your feedback. I think it's a good idea to show some recommend + targeted podcasters so you know they are on the platform :)
👋Hi Dawid, Podcorn looks awesome! I love how simple it was to set up a campaign. I already have one pending ;) Now I'm curious about the rest of the flow after receiving some offers and what size of podcasters pool it will have. Good luck!
Any download requirements or number of episodes requirements for podcasters?