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Simple service, does what it says on the tin! result of a 2 day hackathon it seems :) Is it embeddable on other sites? What was the motivation here and what are looking to do with it?
@bentossell Yup, we sat down for a hackathon last weekend and created the current (rough) version. The idea: When we talked to people about our favourite podcasts in the past, we realized it would be handy to send them a link of what we currently listen to. And that's all the website currently does. The future: We'll see what this could develop into, but it seems like we could easily build a nice "Explore" area with the podcast data we now have available. Currently it's not embeddable, but that's a great idea.
@florianletsch how about linking people's Podcast Collections from Product Hunt and populating their profile :)
@florianletsch I'd like to see an Explore area so I can see what other people are listening to... a good way to find new podcasts.
Just stumbled across this neat service - Really love the simple idea behind the profile creation. These days, it feels like showing off your podcast subscriptions is like showing your homescreen.
Can't export from Stitcher. I wish there was a way to add them manually. Most people probably don't listen to so many that it would be a huge hassle.
@bradenhamm You're right. And we've already got that on our list. :)
A good website for sharing podcasts with others. The one thing that would make it better would be embedding. Thanks!
Not trying to be snarky, but.... why?
@zefareu I think it's a great way to find a new podcast to listen and also see what people are listening to, especially those who might inspire you