Podcast Preview Generator

Create short shareable videos from your podcast episodes

Easily generate videos from some parts of a podcast episode and share it on social media.

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Hey Product Hunt, My last release was 2.5 weeks ago (https://www.producthunt.com/post...) but I had another idea and a small timeframe before I leave to Spain and will be without a computer for a month so I decided to try to finish this app within the given timeframe too! My idea was an app that helps podcasters to create short shareable videos for their podcasts for social media. It shows the waveform of the sound file during the playback over a background with a title. How does it work? 1st add the RSS of your feed 2nd select the episode and the time interval that you would like to share. 3rd customize the video before sharing. Right now it supports square videos, landscape videos (4:3) and portrait videos (9:16), but I’m planning to add more in the future! I also have some plans once I’m back from this 1-month trip, which I was not able to include in this release due to the short timeframe: - Adding captions to the videos - Adding more waveform animations I logged all my todos publicly so if you are interested in the development, check out https://wip.chat/products/1039 The reason I wanted to launch it as soon as possible is that I am not a podcaster so I need real feedback as soon as possible. If you have any ideas or suggestions I’m here all day long to respond to everyone!
Great product! Upvoted! However, I can't test it because I'm not an AppStore user. Do you have plans to develop it to Android?
@ms_lyhrb hey thank you so much! I am learning android development but as this is basically video editing app, it’s hard to estimate when I’ll be able to recreate the functionality on android!
As a podcaster and podcast producer I love these types of things. How would you say this is different than what Audiogram and others currently offer?
@vincentorleck hey Vincent, I'm so sorry for the late response, I did not have too much internet connection lately. There are two main difference: it's mobile first, which means you can do everything on your phone and it is made for podcasters. It parses the rss feed and you don't have to upload anything just add the source and the app will do the rest!
Great app for video creators and podcasters @kovacsamate - I have added it to my curations and voted it up I too podcast (since 2005) and teach podcasting to marketing, media and PR professionals so I have added the app to my list of resources for my forthcoming courses. I have just emailed you some suggestions for the app going forward - I see you are off to Spain for a month - safe travels!
Fun and easy to use. I would suggest a way to remove the background (for when you decide you really don't want one). Some more search buttons would be helpful +/- 5, 10 & 20 seconds. And buttons to directly post the preview to FB, Twitter, LinkedIn. Scheduling posts would be ultimate.
@controlhausinfo thank you so much for the feedback, I'm working on these features and will have an updated version hopefully in a few days!