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What is the reach of all these directories?
@bentossell They'll vary from site to site. The biggest 2 are iTunes and Google Play, but after that there used to be a lot of sites that were directories. We found more than 200 total directories with about 100 being active.
Hey PH, So a couple of weeks ago I was working on adding our podcast Startup BookBuzz to a couple of new directories and realized that most of the directories were out of date, not being updated or not so easy to navigate. Which made me think of my friend @crixlet 's project StartupLister and how it solved that same problem for adding your new biz idea/company to the best databases for startups. So a quick email off to him to see if he was interested in the idea, and one to @joshmuccio for some input and a week later we had our own database of podcast databases and a landing page. So basic idea, we take your podcast RSS feed and add it every working podcast directory that's relevant for you. We have specialty ones (Christian, Canadian, Australian) and some that are subject oriented (marketing, startup, etc). PH exclusive - Use ProductHunter as a coupon and save $10 on your submission. We'll do all the postings and send you a spreadsheet of everywhere we submitted your feed. Thanks, and check back for questions, comments and the like later.
@sacbookreviewer @crixlet @joshmuccio Just purchased. How long is the turn around time for you guys?
@nathantbernard @crixlet @joshmuccio About 48 hours, we'll follow up with a spreadsheet of everyplace we submitted it. Thanks for the order!
@sacbookreviewer @crixlet @joshmuccio Great! Also, I noticed that comedy wasn't an option. Are you planning on adding this to the list of categories? I know its a popular genre and my podcast in particular could use that.
@nathantbernard @crixlet @joshmuccio We used all of the itunes categories and they have Comedy, but its a subcategory of Business. No clue why. I'll add it to the notes. The category and subjects will probably change over time as we get more questions like this. iTunes is the 800# gorilla here, so most everything revolves around what works for them. However, I know other people are working on new options.
@sacbookreviewer @crixlet @joshmuccio Oh thats very interesting. Any way I can edit my submission so that comedy is included as a category on mine? (Love Corner is the name of my podcast, nathantbernard@gmail.com is email). Also, have you guys seen any good podcast analytics platforms out there. Seems to be pretty lacking from my research.