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Nice, @riccardoar! How are you curating the list today? What I find challenging with podcast discovery is knowing which ones to start listening to. It takes several minutes listening to a podcast before I can make a judgement, unlike other forms of media like music or art which can be evaluated within seconds.
@rrhoover Right now I'm not really curating it. I've only categorized every tech podcast that I've found on internet with tech tags. So it's a bit more easy discover new podcasts in the same category(example: web development or python podcasts, etc...) I agree that there is a big problem with podcasts (maybe could be fixed using the twitter social graph and using the recommendations from friends, but there is a huge work behind it and this is only a side project, not a startup) My biggest issue with PH is that the podcast episodes are crowdsourced and there aren't info about the show/other show episodes...but maybe this will be out of context for the PH vision (if you're interested I could email you with my ideas on the podcasts problem).
Hi, I am the maker of Podcast List. This is a simple side project that I've done in my spare time recently. My goal was to make a simple and open database for tech podcasts. I believe it's difficult discover new podcasts because usually aren't categorized well or in producthunt case you don't have a directory for every show, but only a list (crowdsourced) of episodes. There are APIs too: https://www.podcastlist.io/api feel free to use it I am available to answer any questions.
@riccardoar I looked at your fantastic list to find my podcast at the top. What a pleasant surprise. Great idea!
Seems more of a PH aggregate tool for podcast. Not simply a database of them from everywhere. While the tool looks and works nice I believe there are several improvements that should be included. Also by saying it's not a startup because "I just do it on the side" or "because it's open", or "I don't charge" etc. only reinforces that fact it is a startup. Simple math: "you" + "product or service developed" + "extending it to end users for consumption" == "Startup"