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William Channer
William ChannerMaker@williamchanner · Co-founder of Panda
A lot of people are tired of relying on iTunes to discover new podcasts. iTunes seems to favour the big shows, often neglecting the smaller podcasters. As as a podcaster, it’s really hard to grow your audience. For the past 3 years, I’ve been trying to grow my audience for Dorm Room Tycoon (http://drt.fm). It’s hard. So we at Panda Network (http://panda.network) want to solve this problem. Podcast Gift is a place to share and discover interesting episodes. The focus is on episodes, not podcasts. Sometimes you just want to listen to the best episodes. The goal with Podcast Gift is to build a tight knit community for podcast listeners and podcasters, where we can all upvote, share and engage in a conversation around a particular episode. If you’re a fellow podcaster - email me: william.channer@gmail.com. I have some interesting stuff to share with you. Big thanks to the following: @ahmetsulek, @ozkanbugra, @ErikBison, @jasonmcamps, @jasecoop, @sachagreif and @verybadhello
Josh Muccio
Josh Muccio@joshmuccio · Host of The Pitch
@williamchanner well done William! I'm really excited about this. I assumed that you would just go after newly created podcasts instead of episodes, but I think the episodes approach is probably the right one. When will we be able to listen to the episodes right from podcast.gift? 😉
✎ Andrew Warner
✎ Andrew Warner@andrewwarner
@williamchanner as a podcaster it's helpful to have another way to promote my interviews. Thanks for building this.
samira@samirastalks · Samira Stalks
@williamchanner second those sentiments. As a new podcaster - always looking to grow audiences not only for mine but for podcasting as a whole, great idea and look forward to partaking!
Ahmet Sülek
Ahmet SülekMaker@ahmetsulek · Founder @ usepanda.com
You can also join to the conversation on Slack by requesting invite from http://slack.podcast.gift/
Mubashar Iqbal
Mubashar IqbalPro@mubashariqbal · I design, I develop, I make.
I love that you focused on the episodes of a podcast, not the podcast as a whole. Topics vary from episode to episode, especially podcasts that are interview based. Not to mention the quality of each episode varies a lot too, so highlighting the good ones is a great idea!
William Channer
William ChannerMaker@williamchanner · Co-founder of Panda
@mubashariqbal Awesome to hear. Thanks for the kind words :)
Miriam Schwab
Miriam Schwab@miriamschwab · Founder & CEO, Strattic
I was just thinking that I wish I could get recommendations for episodes of podcasts. This seems to do the trick! Looking forward to using it.
William Channer
William ChannerMaker@williamchanner · Co-founder of Panda
@miriamschwab Thank you! :)
Sacha Greif
Sacha Greif@sachagreif · Designer, Sidebar
Nice work! And awesome job customizing Telescope ;)