Slim iPhone battery case that keeps your Airpods charged

PodCase is an iPhone and AirPod charging case with a built in backup battery. It keeps your iPhone and AirPods in one place and charges them with a single USB-C cable. Check it out on Kickstarter.

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A few friends and I fell in love with our AirPods. We use them constantly. But we got tired of forgetting where we put them and remembering to charge them. Checking around, we couldn’t find an iPhone case for AirPods, so we built one for ourselves. We are a team of three, all with prior experience building consumer electronics: Steve Johns, the founding industrial designer at Pebble, Allan Evans, co-founder of Avegant, and myself. PodCase is the first in a series of projects we have planned. They're all pretty small (compared to Pebble 😃 ), but it’s part of a bigger belief that building a great product doesn’t require building a big company. Instead, we’re focusing on products we want in our daily lives and launching them quickly and efficiently directly to customers who feel the same. Key features - Slim case for carrying and charging your iPhone and AirPods. 2500 mAh internal battery: enough for a full charge for your iPhone or up to 40 AirPod charges. - USB-C charging port that works with the same cable you charge your MacBook (no more extra cords!). - Two sizes: iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. We’ll be adding iPhone 8 support as soon as physically possible. Personally, I love PodCase because it lets me grab my pods out of my pocket, without looking, when I’m getting a call! We’re based out of Hong Kong to be close to the factory. PodCase will be sold for $99 USD after Kickstarter.
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@ericmigi Awesome, ordered. I think this could be the perfect power day and travel case. (Also, granules would be the next size down from pebbles; so the Granule Project 😊 )
@ericmigi this is amazing. I rely on a charging case for iPhone (so that's a reason to get this) but with AirPods... couldn't agree more! They're an extension of my iPhone, and whichever Apple (and Android) device I am on at the moment, which is why I'm never really in danger of losing them. But the AirPods case... that's a different story. At the very least it's fantastic to have a backup AirPods charging alternative, although this case will likely end up being my primary way of charging. 🔋⚡️
@ericmigi But as the AirPods case, when opened, notifies the phone to connect, does your case have similar functionality?
@ericvarady with PodCase, your AirPods stay connected at all times. iOS intelligently disables audio transmission to AirPods whenever they are taken out of your ear and reverts back to speakers/handset.
@ericmigi very cool. Looks really good - seems like a pretty complicated injection mold! Can you share any details? Also are you supporting fast-charging via USB-C (spec allows higher amps than lightning, which hopefully new iPhones will support)
quite a revolutionary idea, but the case doesn't look slim though

Great idea, but it's far too bulky. The problem you're solving is to not have to carry around the case for the AirPods, though carrying this case on your phone is likely far more taxing, and even from your own photos don't fit comfortably in pockets.





About time someone made this. Just needs a credit card holder too ;)
@yuris definitely waiting for that too ^_^
@yuris Just add a cardninja.
There are no pictures of this case from the front or directly from the side. No go