Give the gift of podcasts to someone you know

A Podcard is part e-card, part gift card, part personalized podcast playlist. Designed for podcast listeners to get their friends and loved ones in on podcasting, we auto-generate a personalized playlist of 5–10 episodes based on your choices ("festive", "entrepreneurial", "dramatic"). For podcasters we have a custom version featuring your show.

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This is awesome. Great work, folks.
This is great! I guess all podcast apps should do this. An option to send a podcast app to friends / family with recommended podcasts to follow.
As a big podcast lover, I love the idea of gifting podcasts. Will there ever be a way to implement specific podcast episodes that I really like into the recommendations I send?
@benmlevy Ohhh! This is something that would be incredibly useful. iTunes current linking system isn't so hot. I end up finding other platforms just to get the exact episode to someone.

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Podcards are back for Valentine's day - send a curated list of podcast episodes to your special someone. https://podcasters.radiopublic.com/