Business messenger for the service economy

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Hey PH fans, thanks for checking out PocketSuite’s new Messenger launch! We’ve re-launched PocketSuite to be the business messenger for SMBs. 80% of service professionals in the U.S. use regular SMS text as their main customer messaging tool. You know who these pros are…you may have chatted with one recently – a cleaner, dog walker, handyman, therapist, personal trainer, etc. They’re still using SMS (a technology introduced in the ‘90s) as their business CRM tool. We’re trying to change that, so these pros can better serve all of you – their clients – while keeping their day-to-day more organized. In our re-launch: a totally re-designed (and much simpler) interface for pros, along with enhanced chat features. (Clients don’t need to download any PocketSuite app – they just text pros like normal). General consumer poll: Do you prefer communicating with businesses over text or email or phone? PS. Thanks @justinkan & team for the post!
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Roland Ligtenberg
Co-founder, HouseCall
Really like the concept of having every communication with a customer all in one spot, and separating their business lives from their personal lives. Keep on building your great product @sammaddens
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