Mobile scheduling, payments, and messaging for service pros

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Hey Product Hunters! (Thanks @justinkan for the post!) We built PocketSuite to empower the 20 million service professionals in the U.S. today (like cleaners, tutors, personal trainers, stylists, handymen, etc.). PocketSuite is an app with integrated client scheduling, payment and messaging tools - all in one. Designed to help today's on the go service pro save tons of time and get paid faster...all the while delivering us (their clients) a super simple booking + payment experience over SMS text. We just launched PocketSuite on Android today - available on the Google Play Store now (iOS app is already live). All questions / feedback welcome - happy to answer! And if you hire any pros on a regular basis (like a sitter, cleaner, dog walker, stylist, etc.) - feel free to mention PocketSuite. It's free and meant to empower those small business pros who work hard every single day to provide awesome service.
@sammaddens @justinkan Good luck with the Android launch!
@sammaddens Congrats on the Android launch - if it's development follows anything your iOS version has it will be awesome! Keep up the good work!
@sammaddens Great to see this hunted Sam! Congratulations on the launch, and all the best!
Great app. What are you doing to keep your users engaged/retained? Whats the motivation to fire up PocketSuite instead of just accepting cash, texting normally, or handing out a paper contract?
@mattmayberry It's all about keeping professionals organized during their day to day. Instead of fumbling with cash and taking trips to/from the bank, or hopping into other apps to message or remind to schedule or invoice clients, or lugging around paper contracts for clients to sign - all your core client workflows are integrated and located in a single place...in your pocket. Similar reasoning for us (as clients). I personally don't like having to remember to leave cash for my client, or keep hard copies of contracts, or remember to mail payment for an invoice.
@sammaddens its typically in the best interest of a contractor/service professional to accept cash ;-) - is there a reason why they would choose to take a digital payment instead?
@mattmayberry Totally depends what "best interest" entails. If one is worried purely about a CC fee and just wants to save on processing fees, then they can us PS to send estimates, invoices, contracts, and then log cash payments at time of payment all within PS. If one is worried more about appeasing clients and accepting whatever form of payment method the client wants, then the professionals can do everything in the above in addition to accepting credit card payment.
Great team. Good luck!
Looks like a really cool app -- lightweight yet very powerful. I'm pretty excited to give it a go!
I love that this goes beyond just invoicing. Empowering small business to do more on the fly is great. Congrats on the launch Sam!