2020 US election polls, in your pocket

Just in time for this week's Democratic Primary debates!
Track the 2020 Presidential Primaries, General Election Head to Heads and Presidential Approval.
View polls by type, candidate and state.
Polling data is updated daily and sourced from 538.
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2 Reviews5.0/5
Thanks for checking out PocketPolls! We wanted to create a simple way to track polling data leading up to the 2020 US Presidential Election. Let us know if you have any feedback :) (iOS Available now, Android currently in review)
Aah, the primaries... Things are heating up again.
Sharable social media images for polls would be a great idea.
Cool product, snappy UI, I love the prompt for dark mode option automatically. Is there an export function for the poll you're viewing? Currently I just took a screen shot and posted it on Twitter. I just like the layout of the app a lot and the way it presented the info. I do know the way the info is presented isn't novel.
@gingerkwesi Thanks for checking it out and I'm glad you're enjoying the interface! We don't have an export or direct share feature for individual polls yet, (though that's a great idea). Would you want it exportable as a direct link to the poll or an image file that you could easily repost (or both?)
@dpetro Sorry for the late reply, I love the layout so I'd love to do an image file with a direct link to the poll on your app if anything.
Usually, I have to browse through FiveThirtyEight to find what I’m looking for but this is much more compact and convenient. Great work!