Pocketcoach 3.0

A digital coach for anxiety and other difficult moments

Pocketcoach is a digital coach for people who struggle with anxiety. We've launched here on PH before back when we were a Facebook Messenger chatbot.
The updated app contains an entire new course to help you deal with the Pandemic, and much more!
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6 Reviews5.0/5
hi PH peeps, and thank you Thomas for hunting us :) I'm one of the makers of Pocketcoach. We went from being a Facebook Messenger chatbot to this app Launched in September for the first time and now completely redesigned it. Would love to get some questions and answer them!
Excellent lessons coped with a beautiful app!
@baws Thanks for the feedback, Phil. Glad you like it :)
Great work! Thanks for the service.
Need this now more than ever ! Thanks PC team 🙌🙌
What the world needs :)
@amoghito think so too :)