Pocket Tripod

The only phone tripod you need

#3 Product of the DayMay 20, 2016
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#ProductHuntReview Maybe @caseyneistat should get this so he doesn't have to fish his iPhone out of the river. Looks like it does the job, but I wonder if the plastic slides on surfaces. If so, could make it out of a hard rubber that won't slip on a surface.
@sethlouey @caseyneistat haha that was my first thought as well!
@sethlouey Seth, thanks for the question. The Pocket Tripod is made of a hard Polycarbonate, and can slide if you place it on a slippery surface. The decision to not add any high-friction material to it was made so that it doesn't grip to your wallet when trying to place it in or remove it. Of course, as long as you don't move the phone, it wouldn't have a reason to slide. But if you must, you can easily counter the slipping by using a simple grip pad or any grippy material on hand.
A pocket tripod would be very hand...
This is an awesome idea, and I think it solves a common problem and I don't like selfie sticks so is a good alternative.
Awesome! Not sure how I missed the first batch... You know what I currently use for a tri-pod when I go trail running? A branch or stick... Not working out so well most of the time. 🙃
@steynviljoen That's why I designed the Pocket Tripod too. I was tired of using rocks and sticks to hold up my phone. :-)
Perfect for my Periscopes!